Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Well, as most of you know from my facebook posts, we are home from Iowa City and recovering. We are still sleep deprived (especially mom and dad) due to feedings throughout the night and pain meds, but we are on the way to getting back to a normal routine!

We are very thankful and grateful for how well Lily tolerated surgery and recovering. We were so impressed with her strength and how quickly she was extubated and moved to room air. Even though she was in pain, she smiled and laughed, and boy, did that make us feel good. Friday (surgery day) was a long, exhausting day and we were so relieved to hear when she was out of surgery and that things had gone well. We had a lot of family waiting with us which helped distract us and of course, they brought us lots of goodies. Thanks to our family and friends for all their notes of support, prayers for strength and encouragement, and those who sent or brought goodies---all those things helped us through our stay.

Here are some pictures from our Iowa City experience:

Can this please be the last day of this darn tube mom?

Hanging out with dad on the peds floor 

Watching some Frozen---this girl laughs at this movie!

Some much needed sleep!


                                Snuggling with mom and dad is my favorite!

Visit from Gma Schwarck and Gma Stewart

And....Home Sweet Home====Thank you Lord

Best daddy EVER!

                     Our girl is growing so fast -I just think she looks like such a big girl in this photo
                                               10 months tomorrow already!!!

So blessed to have this girl in our lives. So blessed she is home and so far is recovering so well. Thankful for all of your prayers and thoughts. Please keep praying that Lily would continue to tolerate her feedings as we increase them and her pain would lessen as she heals from surgery! Pray also for rest for us all--we are very sleep-deprived from our stay at the hospital. Thank you all for your support! 

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  1. Thank you Lord for precious Lily! Thank you she is home and being loved on in her favorite place. I can tell she is feeling pretty swell. Photogenic Lily seems to have mastered duck lips, :) eyes that let mom and dad know they are the best and that a spirit that is a warrior! <3